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i don't want you to be alone in this

you and me, it's real

i want this to last forever
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Two years ago I never thought I'd be writing about my life on line, let alone writing fanfiction. These days I find it hard to tear myself away.

I'm an early thirty-somthing Canadian who loves a good read. Reading fanfic was what got me through Teacher's College. It was the only escape I had from the chaos that was my life. Now I am a teacher whose greatest mission is to teach our younger generation how to be advocates for themselves and their future. It's not as easy as it sounds. I also dabble a bit in teh_writing and am currently thinking of all the many ways I can procrastinate before digging my heels in and finally writing that novel I always said I would. I used to act and dance--now there's a long story. Grab a coffee and stay awhile. I like to chat.


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